Partner Organisations

We work with our Partner Organisations to achieve a common aim of improving health, safety and well-being. Our Partners provide help and advice on all educational matters as well as providing support either financially or in kind.


  • Dr John Hooper
  • Tom Mullarkey, MBE
  • Christian Oakland Accident & Emergency Consultant, North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Katrina Phillips Chief Executive, Child Accident Prevention Trust
  • Colin Whiteside Management Consultant
  • Errol Taylor, Chief Executive, RoSPA

Board of Directors

Mick Dixon (Director) Independentmick-dixon

Paul Tooth (Director) Assistant Head Teacher, Greenfield E-ACT Academy Primary Schoolpaul-tooth

Kevern Jenkin (Chairman) IndependentKevern Jenkin

Steve Roberts (Treasurer)steve-roberts

Sally Wellman (Director)


  • Andy Townsend, General Manager
  • Louise Salter, Deputy Manager
  • Gemma Graville, Assistant Manager
  • Celia Pendlington, Administrative Assistant
  • Sam Jury - Volunteer Co-ordinator