Partner Organisations

We work with our Partner Organisations to achieve a common aim of improving health, safety and well-being. Our Partners provide help and advice on all educational matters as well as providing support either financially or in kind.


  • Dr John Hooper
  • Tom Mullarkey, MBE
  • Christian Oakland Accident & Emergency Consultant, North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Katrina Phillips Chief Executive, Child Accident Prevention Trust
  • Colin Whiteside Management Consultant
  • Errol Taylor, Chief Executive, RoSPA

Board of Directors

Edwina Whitwell, Safeguarding

Julie Lansley, Communications

Kevern Jenkin (Chairman) IndependentKevern Jenkin

Maxine TargettMaxine Targett, Health and Safety

Wendy Parker, Public Health

Lisa Twyman, Treasurer


  • Gemma Graville, Centre Manager
  • Sam Jury - Partnership & Development Manager
  • Dan Radford - Programme Co-ordinator
  • Amy Weston-Parkes – Volunteering Officer
  • Jane McDonnell, Office Supervisor